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Manage Invoices

The app is used to manage invoices for car dealerships.

Manage Tasks

The app helps manage tasks done for invoices.

Track Invoices

The app helps the employee know whether an invoice is paid, dued, open or void.


Car Servicing

The Next service helps user with Car Servicing.

Schedule Appointment

The app lets users schedule appointment for their vehicles.


Manage Appointments

The app is for drivers who can manage their appointments with the Next service users.

Track Tasks

The app helps to keep track of the tasks of the Driver and helps in co-ordinating the business.

PBX Phone System

Call Me Phone is a Private Branch Exchange Phone System that helps enhance customer support and internal communication in a business at the most affordable rate. More info: callmephone.com

Call Recording & Tracking

The system records and keeps track of all the calls that are done inbound and outbound.

Connect with customers from anytime, anywhere.

With the phone system being usable from a mobile application, the system allows the business to have calls from anytime, anywhere.

Connect With People Nearby

An app that lets you connect with people around you.

Stay Anonymous

Maintain Anonymity while also not compromising the fun!
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